How to Log Remote Desktop Errors

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Microsoft Remote Desktop keeps track of errors, logins and other significant events on Windows by logging them to the Event Logs, which can be accessed by the Microsoft Event Viewer. Remote Desktop errors can include initialization errors, connection errors, port conflicts and unknown connection problems. Viewing these error logs can help you diagnose a problem on the Remote Desktop configuration. You must have the Event Logging service enabled for Remote Desktop to perform its logging features.

Enable Event Logging

  • Click "Start," then type "Services.msc."

  • Press "Enter."

  • Scroll down to "Event Logger" and double-click it.

  • Click the "Startup Type" drop-down menu and choose "Enabled."

  • Press "Start Service."

  • Click "OK." You have now enabled the event logging service.

View in the Event Viewer

  • Click "Start" and type "Event Viewer."

  • Press "Enter."

  • Expand "Applications and Services Logs" > "Microsoft" > "Windows" > "TerminalServices" and view all error events listed on the right pane of the event frame.



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