How to Increase the Mileage of a Honda Splendor


Motorcycles like the Honda Splendor already get better fuel mileage than almost any car on the market. However, there are still ways to improve your bike's fuel economy. Improving fuel mileage makes each fill up last longer and benefits the environment by conserving limited fuel resources. You can make minor changes to the way your drive and maintain your Honda Splendor motorcycle to save fuel and increase gas mileage.

  • Maintain your Honda Splendor's motor. By performing regular maintenance on your bike's motor, you can keep it in ideal running condition. The better condition your motor is in, the less it is going to have to work to power your motorcycle. The amount your motor has to work to operate has a large effect on what kind of fuel mileage your bike gets.

  • Maintain your driving speed. Your Splendor get its best fuel mileage when you maintain a consistent speed while going down the road. Accelerating uses more gas, so frequent accelerating and then decelerating, only to speed up again a few minutes later, takes its toll on your bike's fuel economy.

  • Shut off your bike if you expect to be sitting in the same location for an extended period of time. Don't allow your Splendor to sit and idle for long stretches of time. Idling wastes fuel and produces emissions that can harm the environment.

  • Keep your Splendor's tires correctly inflated. Low tires affect both your bike's handling capabilities and its fuel mileage. Low tire pressure forces your bike's motor to work harder because even a slightly low tire increases the drag on your bike.

  • Combine trips on your motorcycle. Try to accomplish as much as you can at one time, rather than making multiple trips to accomplish tasks.

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