How to Send a Poster Through FedEx


Sending something like a poster through FedEx can seem intimidating. After all, you can’t fold it and put it in a FedEx envelope, as this would ruin the poster. Instead, you should use FedEx specialized packaging to send objects like posters and avoid damaging them.

Things You'll Need

  • FedEx mailing tube
  • Visit your nearest FedEx shipping store, or visit the FedEx website (see link in Resources.) Purchase a specially made FedEx tube. These tubes measure 38 inches long by 6 inches wide and have a 6-inch depth. Large posters can have a length of 39 inches, but the width is only 27 inches, which will still fit in the special package tube.

  • Roll the poster from bottom to top slowly so you don’t create any creases or folds in the poster. Make the roll relatively small so it will fit in the FedEx tube.

  • Insert the poster roll in the FedEx tube and remove the tape from the self-sealing ends. Fold the flaps over so they seal on each other.

  • Fill out the FedEx form giving all the sender and receiver address information and phone number. Decide on the type of shipping you want whether it is next day, second-day shipping or five-day ground shipping.

  • Pay for the shipping service and keep a copy of the tracking number given to you by the FedEx shipping representative. Visit the FedEx website to track the package delivery using the tracking number given to you on your receipt.

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