How to Convert Dirhams to Rupees

The dirham is a unit of currency used in the United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Kuwait, Qatar, Libya and Tunisia. It replaced the Dubai and Qatar riyal in 1973.The dirham can easily be converted to the Indian rupee by using the current exchange rate.


    • 1

      Determine the number of dirhams you wish to convert to rupees. For this example assume you have 100 dirhams.

    • 2

      Go to a money converter website and find the current exchange rate from dirhams to rupees. For the example, assume the current exchange rate is 12.12, keeping in mind the number is constantly fluctuating.

    • 3

      Multiply the number of dirhams you wish to convert and the exchange rate. The product will be the number of rupees you get from the conversion. In the example from above, that will be 100 dirhams x 12.12 (exchange rate) = 1212 rupees.

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