How to Enter Exponents on My Casio Calculator


For most people, the abbreviation "EXP" would logically represent "exponents," especially on a calculator. However, on Casio calculators, "EXP" is used for scientific notation rather than simple exponents. In an exponent equation, the base is the first number and the exponent is the second number. For example, in the expression, eight raised to the third power, eight would be the base and three would be the exponent. Being able to use a calculator for exponents saves you time calculating exponents by hand.

  • Type in the base of the expression you want to compute. For example, if you wanted to compute eight to the third, you would enter "8."

  • Push the exponent key, which is represented by a caret, ^, on the Casio calculator.

  • Enter the exponent to which you wish to raise the base. In the example, you would enter "3."

  • Push the equals sign to have the Casio calculator display the result. Finishing the example, you would see "512" displaced.

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