How to Use Regular Gasoline in a Mercedes


Using regular gasoline in your Mercedes is a simple process and will not have drastic affects on your vehicle. Gasoline grades are determined by octane ratings, with regular having an 87 octane rating, mid grade having an 89 octane rating and premium having a 93 octane rating. Using higher grades of gasoline will minimize the "ticks" and "pings" in your engine, and decreases the amount of buildup in the engine. Many dealers recommend using premium in luxury vehicles, but if you prefer regular or if the gas station is out of premium, the process of using regular is simple.

  • Park your car so that the gas tank is adjacent to the pump.

  • Turn off your vehicle, as pumping gas while the engine is running can be hazardous.

  • Open your gas tank and unscrew the gas cap so that you can insert the fuel pump.

  • Select your method of payment on the pump. If using a credit card, swipe it and follow the on-screen instructions. If you're using cash, go inside and pay the attendant before pumping your gas.

  • Select regular unleaded gasoline by removing the pump in the corresponding holster.

  • Place the nozzle into your gas tank. Press "Start" or pull the lever to begin pumping gas.

  • Pull up on the nozzle's lever to pump gas into your Mercedes. Read the meter on the pump as the gas flows into your tank so that you stop at your desired amount of money or gas.

  • Remove the nozzle from you car and place it back in its gas pump holster. Screw the gas cap back into your vehicle and close the tank.

Tips & Warnings

  • Be sure that using a lower octane fuel will not void your vehicle's warranty.

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