How to Make a Dell Laptop Webcam Clearer

When using your Dell webcam, you may experience an occasional issue or two, especially regarding the image the webcam displays. If your Dell webcam is picking up a blurry image, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can take to rule out any hardware malfunctions. Try these steps before you send your webcam back for a repair or exchange -- it could save you time, and possibly money.


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      Adjust the focus ring on your Dell webcam. This is the outer ring that covers the camera's lens. If you try turning it, you'll notice you can twist the lens back and forth. This adjusts the focus on the webcam. Turn the focus ring and see if you get a clearer picture.

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      Clean the webcam's lens. You'd be surprised at how dirty the camera's lens can get after a few months of use. Use a paper towel dampened with water or a household window cleaner and gently rub the webcam's lens.

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      Open the Dell Webcam Console dialog box. Depending on the model of Dell webcam, this can usually be accessed by right-clicking the webcam icon in the System Tray. When the dialog box opens, adjust the sharpness setting and see if it has any effect on your webcam's image.

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