How to Set Up a PSX Emulator

A PSX emulator is a program that allows you to play Playstation console games on your computer without the use of a Playstation machine. If you have a library of old Playstation games, this is a great way to get use out of them. There are various versions of PSX emulators available; some work better than others and some versions cost money to download and use. Once you've decided on the emulator you want to use, you can configure it and enjoy playing your old Playstation games on your computer.

Things You'll Need

  • PSX emulator
  • Pete's Open GL2 Plug-in
  • Zlib1.dll file
  • USB controller
  • Playstation game


    • 1

      Download the PSX emulator of your choice, Pete's Open GL2 Plug-in, Zlib1 and a legal copy of the PSX BIOS. Note that if you own a Sony Playstation system legally, you have the rights to use the BIOS.

    • 2

      Connect a USB controller to an empty USB slot on your computer.

    • 3

      Unzip each of the zipped files. Right-click the file and select "Extract All." Browse to your desktop and click "Extract" to unzip the file.

    • 4

      Copy the downloaded BIOS file into the "BIOS" folder within the main PSX Emulator folder.

    • 5

      Copy the downloaded "Pete's Open GL2 Plug-in" file into the "Plug-in" folder within the main PSX emulator folder.

    • 6

      Open the downloaded "Zlib1" folder and copy the "Zlib1.dll" file directly into the main PSX Emulator folder.

    • 7

      Double-click the emulator's .exe file to launch the installation wizard. Click "Config," then select your BIOS from the list. Click "Next."

    • 8

      Select "OpenGL2" from the "Plug-in" list and click "Next."

    • 9

      Select the contained audio file from the list and click "Next." Note that the ePSXe file comes packaged with a default audio plug-in. Click "Next" again.

    • 10

      Click "Controller 1" and specify which buttons link to the corresponding Playstation game controls. Click "Next," then click "Done." This successfully configures the PSX Emulator.

    • 11

      Open the PSX emulator by double-clicking the emulator's .exe file from the PSX emulator folder.

    • 12

      Load a game into the PSX emulator by clicking "File," then selecting "Run CD-ROM" or "Run ISO." The PSX can play PSX games from either Playstation 1 disks or from ISO files. Note that you must mount ISO files before you can play them.

Tips & Warnings

  • Obtaining the PSX BIOS without purchasing it or previously owning a Playstation console is illegal.
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