How to Convert an Arabic Date to an English Date


In the western world, there is often the misconception that today is the same day for everyone. But there are several other calendar systems other than the Gregorian one used in the western world, such as the Arabic calendar. The Arabic (or Islamic) calendar is known as the Hijri. It began on the date that Muhammad moved from Mecca to Medina. People often find the need to convert Hijri date into a Gregorian one for a document they are producing. This can be a very complex process, since the structure and length of the years do not match well. Fortunately, there are several online sites you can visit to make the conversion.

  • Go to an online site that has a Arabic date converter, such as Islamic Finder, Fourmilab or The University of Zurich's Oriental Institute (see Resources).

  • Enter the month, day and year in the "Gregorian" or "English" section. Then click "Convert."

  • Highlight the resulting converted date. Select "Edit" from the menu and choose "Copy." Paste the date into your document and save your work.


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