How to Unblock the Ears After a Head Cold

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Blocked or congestion ears are typical with a head cold due to the excess amount of mucus in the body. Mucus can settle in the nose, throat, chest and ears, and the accumulation tends to disappear as a head cold improves. But sometimes, blocked ears can continue after a head cold, where you'll need to employ different techniques to clear the blockage and improve your hearing.

Things You'll Need

  • Decongestant
  • Humidifier
  • Liquids


  1. Take medication to clear ear blockage after a cold. You don't need to continue taking cold medication after cold symptoms improve. Purchase a decongestant and begin taking this drug to help break up mucus and unblock the ears. Use as directed.

  2. Run a humidifier to produce moisture to help break up congestion. Blocked ears may respond to extra moisture in the air. Use a humidifier or sit in the bathroom while the shower runs to reduce ear congestion.

  3. Take in plenty of liquids to hydrate your body. Fluids are also useful because they help thin mucus. Drink plenty of water, juices and teas to get rid of remnants of mucus after a head cold.

  4. Move the jaw muscles to help pop congested ears. Popping the ears is a quick way to clear blockage. Chew gum or open and close your mouth several times to work the jaw muscles and unblock ears. Another tactic to pop the ears involves plugging the nose and gently blowing to help balance pressure in the ears.

Tips & Warnings

  • Seek medical help if a fever, severe pain or drainage accompanies a blocked ear. This can indicate an ear infection, which may require antibiotics.


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