How to Unlock a Sony SLV-D300P

The Sony SLV-D300P is a DVD player and video cassette recorder. Typically, the unit locks when you're attempting playback of a disc that has a parental-control ratings level higher than the level you initially set for the purposes of controlling content viewing. Additionally, the player/recorder can lock, or seem to lock, as the result of user error when a disc has an incompatible region code or format or if the unit malfunctions after an electrical surge or because of a part defect.


  1. Parental Control

    • 1

      Enter your four-digit password when prompted on the screen to unlock an inserted disc that is locked with a parental control. After you enter the password, the disc should automatically begin to play.

    • 2

      Press the "Setup" button on your remote control when a disc isn't in the disc tray if you want to unlock the Parental Control function completely.

    • 3

      Highlight "DVD" on the Setup menu using the arrow buttons and then press the "Enter" button. Highlight and select "Parental" on the DVD Setup menu. Enter your password when prompted on the Password Check screen.

    • 4

      Select "No" beside Use Password on the screen and press "Enter" to turn off the parental control.

    User Errors

    • 5

      Check to make sure you selected the matching "DVD" or "Video" option using the "DVD/Video" button on your Sony SLV-D300P remote control if you're pressing buttons on the remote and a disc or cassette won't play, making it appear as if the player/recorder has locked.

    • 6

      Press the "Eject" button for the disc tray and remove the disc if the player seems locked and unable to perform disc playback.

    • 7

      Confirm that you didn't insert the disc upside down. Also, confirm that you didn't attempt playback of a disc that has an incompatible region code or format.

    • 8

      Correct the position of the disc if necessary or insert and play a different disc.

    Player/Recorder Malfunction

    • 9

      Unplug your Sony SLV-D300P from its electrical socket to reboot it if you can't open the disc tray, eject a disc or use the buttons on the front of the machine.

    • 10

      Wait at least 30 full seconds.

    • 11

      Plug in the player. Press the "Power" button and attempt to use your player/recorder. If the player remains locked, contact Sony via online chat, phone or email (see Resources) for additional assistance.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you forget your password, eject the disc from your machine and remove it from the disc tray. Turn off the machine, wait 30 seconds and then turn it back on. Press the "Rewind (<<)" and "Fast-Forward (>>)" buttons on the front of the machine at the same time until you see "Reset OK" on the screen--after approximately five seconds--and then turn off the machine, wait 30 seconds and turn it on again to complete the reset.
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