How to Remove the Shockwave Flash Player Plug-In From Netscape

Flash player is an Adobe application for displaying Flash animations from your desktop or Internet browser. Your Netscape Internet browser accesses the player by means of a plugin. You can remove the Flash player plugin, like most other installed applications, through the Control Panel uninstall procedure. To remove the Flash player only from your Netscape browser, such as Firefox, use the Add-ons manager.


    • 1

      Open the Netscape browser, select the "Tools" drop-down menu and choose the "Add-ons" option.

    • 2

      Choose the "Plugins" tab in the resulting "Add-ons" window. Locate the Shockwave Flash Player plugin you'd like to remove. Click on the row to highlight it. Click the associated "Disable" button.

    • 3

      Click the "Add-ons" window "X" button to close the window.

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