How to Check the Status of Drivers License Renewal in California

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Generally the California Department of Motor Vehicles will mail you notification that it is time to renew your driver's license. However, if the date for your renewal is drawing near and you have not received a notice, there are several ways to check the status of your license renewal and, if necessary, renew your driver's license. Depending on your preference, you can check the status of your driver's license renewal by telephone, on the Internet or in person.


  1. Call the California DMV at 800-777-0133 to determine the status of your driver's license.

  2. Select the language you would like to use.

  3. Say "driver license" in the voice-activated menu.

  4. Say "renewal license" in the voice-activated menu.

  5. The automated voice will ask you if your license has expired. Answer "yes" or "no," depending on the status of your license. Then you will be transferred to a customer service technician.

  6. Provide the customer service technician with your name and driver's license number. At this point the customer service technician will relay the status of your driver's license and explain your options for renewal.


  1. Visit the California DMV website by typing "" into your Internet browser.

  2. Register for an online account if necessary.

  3. On the main page you should see a series of "quick links." Find the "online services" quick link, and click on "Driver License Renewal."

  4. Read through the information on the first page, then click "Continue" at the bottom of the page.

  5. Enter your user name and password to log into the computer system.

  6. Read through the medical questionnaire. Check the appropriate boxes regarding medical conditions and confirm that you have read and understand the questions to continue.

  7. Read through the information regarding organ and tissue donation and confirm or deny your participation in the program by checking the box for "Yes" or leaving the box blank for "No." Check the box at the bottom of the page if you'd like to donate $2 to the organ donor program. After you have checked the appropriate boxes, click "Continue" to move to the next page.

  8. Read through the terms and conditions on the next page and check the box toward the bottom of the page to confirm that you have read and understand the terms. Click "Continue" to move to the next page.

  9. Examine the driver license renewal fee information, and if everything looks proper, click "Add to Cart" to move forward and pay the renewal fee.

  10. Select "Pay" to move onto the payment window.

  11. Select your desired method of payment and make your payment accordingly. Make sure to check your email for confirmation of your license renewal. Print out the confirmation and save it for your records.

In Person

  1. Call 800-777-0133 to locate the nearest DMV office in your area.

  2. Go to the DMV location and wait in the proper line until the customer service technician can see you.

  3. Provide the technician with your driver's license number. The technician will explain the status of your license and give you your options regarding renewal.

  4. Make a payment to the DMV to renew your license. The DMV accepts a variety of different payment methods, including check, cash and credit card.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you are going to the DMV in person, call ahead and make an appointment to avoid long delays in service.
  • Check the hours and dates the DMV is open. State budget cuts have lead to limited DMV operating hours.




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