WoW Meta Gems: How to Put Them Anywhere?

In World of Warcraft, players have the opportunity to modify certain pieces of equipment with gems that will increase specific attributes by a set amount. Meta gems are a special type of gem and are not compatible with most types of equipment but can grant the player specific benefits that no other gem can. Meta gems can only be placed inside equipment that has specialized meta gem slots, which are most commonly found on helmets. They do not fit into any other form of gem slot.

Things You'll Need

  • Equipment piece with a meta gem slot
  • Meta gem
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      Find a piece of equipment that has an available meta gem slot. The meta gem slot will be located on the item information panel directly under the item's base states and just above the item's durability number. The meta gem slot will read, "Meta Socket" with a gray icon to the left of it.

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      Purchase a meta gem from a player who has the jewelcrafting professions or simply search for a meta gem in the Auction House, located in any of the capital cities. Know exactly what attributes you want to improve and find a gem that fits your need. Meta gems require you to have a certain amount of specific colored gems already attached to other pieces of equipment before they will grant you their bonuses. Find these prerequisites on the meta gem's information panel.

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      Hold down "Shift" and right-click on the piece of equipment that has the meta gem slot. This will open the "Item Socketing," page which will display a detailed information panel for the piece of equipment. Drag the meta gem and place it in the meta socket at the bottom of the panel, then click on the "Socket Gems" button.

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      Check the item's information panel to ensure that the meta gem is active. If the meta gem's information is grayed out, the gem is not active. If this is the case, check the meta gem's prerequisites and find out which other gems you are missing.

Tips & Warnings

  • Meta gems have a broad diversity of applications, so make sure you know exactly what you want from a meta gem.

  • Use gems that have multiple color applications in other sockets to make fulfilling the meta gem's requirements much easier.

  • Pieces of equipment can only be socketed a certain amount of times, so make sure that each gem you socket is the one you want.

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