How to Install a Wireless Driver for Ubuntu

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It is a common misconception that installing drivers in Ubuntu, or any Linux distribution, is a difficult task. Many new Ubuntu users remember the difficulty involved in downloading and installing drivers in the Windows operating system. Fortunately, installing drivers for Ubuntu is an easy task.

  • Download and install the latest version of Ubuntu. Most of the drivers you will need for your wireless hardware and other components on your computer are already packaged with Ubuntu.

  • Open the Restricted Drivers Manager. Click "System" and select "Administration." Click on "Hardware Drivers." If the wireless driver you require is available, select it and click "Install driver."

  • Download any drivers that are not included with Ubuntu or the Restricted Drivers Manager. Check the manufacturer's website for driver downloads, or search the Internet. Be sure to scan any file that you download from the Internet with an anti-virus program.


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