How to Put on Children's Art Exhibitions

Children's art exhibitions are a great way to encourage and celebrate children's creativity. They also can be used to raise funds for charities or your school or organization. Setting up a Children's Art Exhibition is straightforward, requiring just a little creativity and some organizational skills.


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      Have the children create art. If there is a theme, such as Christmas or Van Gogh, tell the children what it is. Provide materials for them to use. Allow them some time to work on their masterpieces, and encourage them to plan their art. Explain that they will get the chance to show off their art to their parents and friends.

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      Choose a venue and date. Use a community venue, such as a town hall or sports ground, or your school hall. Find out the costs of renting a space. Consider the legal implications of the venues. For example, fire evacuation rules might limit how many people enter the school at a time.

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      Work out the finances. If you want to raise money with the exhibition, sell tickets or allow free entry and sell the artwork. Charge for parking or refreshments. Ask for donations to charity and place collection boxes around the room. Ask local businesses to sponsor the event. Hold a raffle. Add up the total costs of the exhibition, and make sure your projected profit covers these costs.

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      Advertise the date and venue. Send letters home with the children, asking parents to invite grandparents and friends. Advertise in the local newspaper, on the school website and on local radio stations. Ask local businesses and charities to help advertise the event, too.

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      Prepare the venue. Find some mellow music to play. Display the art grouped in themes. Make sure each piece of art clearly shows the artist's name, age and the picture's name. If you are individually pricing artwork, ensure the price is shown, too.

Tips & Warnings

  • Make sure you give plenty of notice for the date of the show, to give parents and visitors time to make arrangements, including taking time off work, if necessary.
  • Offer parents the chance to reserve their child's artwork before the show opens.
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