How Can I Tell When a Website in My History Was Visited?

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If you are attempting to monitor someone's Internet activity, or just wish to view the exact time you visited a website, you are able to do so using Internet Explorer. Accessing your browser history can tell you the date a website was visited, the time it was visited and the visited website's address.


  1. Double-click the "Internet Explorer" shortcut to launch the browser in a separate window.

  2. Press "Ctrl" and "H" on your keyboard, at the same time, to open the history window pane. This window will appear on the left-hand side of Internet Explorer.

  3. Click the day in the history listing the Web page was viewed.

  4. Expand the websites to pinpoint individual Web pages.

  5. Right-click the page in question, then choose "Proprieties" from the drop-down menu. The exact time the website was visited will be listed next to "Time Visited" in the proprieties screen.



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