FrostWire Is Not Connecting With Vista

FrostWire is a peer-to-peer file-sharing program, similar to the popular LimeWire software. It is possible to use the FrostWire software on any operating system, including a Windows Vista computer. If you have a Windows Vista computer but are having trouble connecting to the service there are a few methods of troubleshooting the situation to determine and correct the issue.


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      Download the latest version of FrostWire. If an update is available the previous version may not function. Navigate to the FrostWire website and download the free software, then install the programming onto the computer.

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      Adjust the firewall on the Vista computer. The firewall may be preventing the program from accessing the Internet. Click "Start" and then "Control Panel" and choose the "Internet Options" selection. Select the "Firewall Exceptions" option, then click "Browse" and select "FrostWire" and click "OK." Now when you access the program it connects to the Internet.

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      Restart the computer. It is possible the software did not load properly when the Windows Vista computer first booted.

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      Sign into your account with the correct password. If you type in the wrong password your FrostWire service does not log into the service network.

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