How to Reset a DX-80 Supervisor Mailbox

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The Corporate Office DX-80 is an automated voicemail system that answers incoming calls and transfers them to the appropriate extensions. If an extension is busy, the DX-80 offers to take a message or try a different extension. Adjust various settings for the supervisor voice mailbox, such as the recording of a name, greeting, password, call transfer feature and message notification. Reset the DX-80 supervisor mailbox in a few simple steps.


  1. Call into voicemail and log in to the Supervisor Mailbox 70. The DX-80 system responds with the main menu prompt: "To listen to your messages press 1. To send a message press 2. To change your options press 3."

  2. Press the "6" key on your phone for the unvoiced option 6. The DX-80 system then responds with Supervisor menu options.

  3. Press the "1" key for Mailbox Administration. Enter the number of the mailbox you want to reset when prompted.

  4. Press the keys corresponding to the mailbox number you want to reset. The DX-80 system repeats the number back to you.

  5. Press the "1" key to confirm that is the number you entered. The DX-80 system responds with mailbox menu options.

  6. Press the "6" key "To Reset." The DX-80 resets the mailbox.

  7. Press the "#" to finish and exit.



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