How to Reset a DX-80 Supervisor Mailbox

The Corporate Office DX-80 is an automated voicemail system that answers incoming calls and transfers them to the appropriate extensions. If an extension is busy, the DX-80 offers to take a message or try a different extension. Adjust various settings for the supervisor voice mailbox, such as the recording of a name, greeting, password, call transfer feature and message notification. Reset the DX-80 supervisor mailbox in a few simple steps.


    • 1

      Call into voicemail and log in to the Supervisor Mailbox 70. The DX-80 system responds with the main menu prompt: "To listen to your messages press 1. To send a message press 2. To change your options press 3."

    • 2

      Press the "6" key on your phone for the unvoiced option 6. The DX-80 system then responds with Supervisor menu options.

    • 3

      Press the "1" key for Mailbox Administration. Enter the number of the mailbox you want to reset when prompted.

    • 4

      Press the keys corresponding to the mailbox number you want to reset. The DX-80 system repeats the number back to you.

    • 5

      Press the "1" key to confirm that is the number you entered. The DX-80 system responds with mailbox menu options.

    • 6

      Press the "6" key "To Reset." The DX-80 resets the mailbox.

    • 7

      Press the "#" to finish and exit.

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