How to Convert PSI into KPa


Units of pressure quantify the perpendicular force pushing against an object, such as the helium in a scuba tank or the force of the water on a scuba diver. Miscalculating the pressure can result in not having enough air or even being crushed by the weight of the water because you dove to deep. In order to make sure you have the right pressure, you need to be able to convert between different units of pressure, such as pounds per square inch, or psi, and kilopascals, or KPa.

Things You'll Need

  • Calculator
  • Compute the number of psi times 6.8948 KPa per psi to convert from psi to KPa. For example, if you have 17 psi, you would multiply 17 psi by 6.8948 KPa per psi to get 117.2 KPa.

  • Check your answer by dividing the number of psi by 0.145 psi per KPa to make the conversion. In this example, you would divide 17 psi by 0.145 psi per KPa to confirm your answer of 117.2 KPa.

  • Confirm your answer by checking the results with an online calculator (see Resources).

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