Philippine Passport Application Process

Obtaining a passport in the Philippines requires the presentation of several government-issued documents and an in-person appearance. If you collect the appropriate documents, photos and fees, you should receive your passport within 10 to 20 working days of your appointment, depending on the kind of service you requested. The passport process should be started well in advance to ensure your travel plans are not disrupted.

Things You'll Need

  • Passport application form
  • Birth certificate
  • Proof of identity
  • Additional documents, depending on if you're a minor, a married woman or a Muslim
  • Color photograph that meets requirements


    • 1

      Call the Department of Foreign Affairs appointment hot-line at 02-737-1000 and set up an appointment for your passport application. Provide your contact information as required and listen closely as they tell you which forms you will need to bring. Write down the reference number that corresponds with your appointment. The customer care officer will also give you a print code number.

    • 2

      Print your passport application by going to and entering your print code number. Complete the application.

    • 3

      Collect the required documents. Everyone will need a completed passport application form, birth certificate on Security Paper issued by the National Statistics Office or a Certified True Copy, proof of identity (supporting documents indicating your full name, date and place of birth and citizenship) and any additional documents required depending on if you're a minor, a married woman or a Muslim.

    • 4

      Collect the required fees. If you want to receive your passport in 20 working days, a 950 peso fee is required. If you want to expedite the process and receive your passport in 10 working days, a 1,200 peso fee is required.

    • 5

      Have a photo taken of yourself following the photo guidelines listed on the Department of Foreign Affairs website. You should be in a frontal position, with your full face exposed and any glasses or colored contact lenses should be removed. If you want to smile, a "Mona Lisa smile" is suggested (no teeth or gums showing).

    • 6

      Double-check that your passport application is completely and correctly filled out prior to your appointment and that you have all of the necessary documents and photos. You will not be allowed entrance into the Department of Foreign Affairs Consular Office without a completed passport application form and a valid appointment. Also, photocopy all of the documents you are taking with you because you will not be allowed to proceed without a photocopy of every document.

    • 7

      Arrive at the Consular Office in Paranaque City exactly 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment. If you are late or early, you will not be admitted. Present your completed application, wait to be called, pay your fee and stand by while an employee enters your data.

    • 8

      Wait for the passport to arrive at your home in 10 to 20 working days, depending on whether you paid for expedited service.

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