How to Delete System Volume Information Virus

The System Volume Information folder is a hidden folder on your hard drive that contains all of the restore points used by the System Restore function. Not only is this file hidden, it also does not allow users access it. This is done to protect the system from you accidentally deleting important files. However, some viruses can access the folder. The bad thing is that you cannot get rid of these viruses because an anti-virus or anti-spyware cannot access the System Volume Information either. What you can do to quickly get rid of the virus is to turn off the system restore feature (which will delete the System Volume Information folder) and then turn it back on. This way the infected folder is gone from the system and a new clean one is created.


    • 1

      Go to the "Start" menu, right-click "Computer", and select "Properties". Click "System protection" link in the left pane of the new window.

    • 2

      Click the "C": hard drive in the "Protection Settings" box and click the "Configure" button.

    • 3

      Check the "Turn off system protection" option and click "OK". Click "Yes" in the confirmation pop-up.

    • 4

      Turn off the system protection for the other drives listed in the "Protection Settings" and then click "OK".

    • 5

      Restart your computer. Repeat this procedure to turn the System Restore back on for each driver but check "Restore System Setting And Previous Version Of Files" in Step 3 instead.

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