How to Find My SIN Number

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A Social Insurance Number (SIN) is a nine digit number issued by the Canadian government to Canadian citizens and legal workers. You must have a SIN number if you want to work in Canada or if you want to access government benefits and programs, like health care. If you've forgotten your SIN number, you can find it on your tax return. However, if you haven't filed a tax return or if you've lost those documents, there is an alternative.


  1. Gather the documents you need for the SIN card. You will need an original, primary document: a Certificate of Birth, a Birth Certificate, Certificate of Canadian Citizenship or a Certificate of Registration of Birth Abroad.

  2. Find your nearest Service Canada Office. You can find the office online--visit the Find a Service Canada Office webpage, type in your postal code into the box then press "Find."

  3. Visit your nearest Service Canada Office with your supporting documents. You will receive a card within 10 days.



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