How to Design a Monthly Workout Schedule Online

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Recording workouts on a schedule helps you stay motivated.

Regular exercise helps you lose weight, build muscle tone, improve mental clarity and strengthen your immunity. But setting aside the time and energy to exercise regularly is easier said than done. But don't be discouraged. You can create a healthy lifestyle by setting attainable and measurable fitness goals. It's also important to choose workouts that you enjoy. Create a schedule to help you keep up with workouts you have completed. You can easily create a monthly workout schedule for free online.


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      Identify the forms of exercise that you enjoy. For optimal health benefits, include a form of cardiovascular exercise, strength training and flexibility work. Just a few types of cardiovascular exercise include walking, running, biking, kick-boxing, hip-hop, step aerobics and swimming -- anything that raises your heart rate and breathing rate. Types of strength training include weight lifting and isometric exercises such as push-ups and yoga. Flexibility workouts include Pilates, yoga and other gentle stretches such as touching your toes. You may prefer to alternate between different forms of exercise to keep it interesting. Try to include exercises from each of the three types. Ask yourself which forms of exercise you have enjoyed in the past, and which you would like to try.

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      Create a reasonable workout goal. A reasonable goal should be measurable, so you will know when you have reached it. For example, resolve to "do sit-ups for 10 minutes every night," rather than to "do more ab-work." A good goal should also be attainable. If you are currently sedentary, expect to improve your fitness in small steps; don't plan to run five miles every day. If you normally walk for 20 minutes, three times a week, resolve to walk five times a week. Make sure that your measurable, attainable goal is clearly stated.

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      Flesh out your fitness goal into a monthly schedule. This can easily be done for free online. An online search will help you find online or free printable workout schedules. Try one of the free sites listed in the Resources. You will find tools like diet plans, calorie calculators, workout schedules and templates to design your own schedule. If you would rather use your iPhone to record workouts, there are apps to help you. A few of these are also listed in Resources.

      Choose the site you like and create an account. Be sure to write down your username and password. Once your account is activated, look for the fitness tools section of the site. You will add each workout individually, after you have completed it. When logging your workout, search for the activity in a drop-down list. Record about how long you worked out, and have a general idea of the intensity. For example, let's say you did 15 minutes of push-ups. You would type "push-up" into the search ba, and scroll down to find the best match. Click the description to add push-ups to your workout schedule. You may be asked how many minutes you performed push-ups, or for the intensity, or relatively how hard you worked for that time. Don't let "perfect" get in the way of "good." If you're not sure exactly how long you worked out, key in your best guess. Don't get too bogged down in the details. Keep it easy and fun, and remember your overall fitness goal.

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      Bookmark your workout schedule site in your Internet browser. The schedule is only helpful if you use it regularly. Find a time each week that is convenient for you, and record your recent workouts. You may want to record your workouts at the end of every day, or you may prefer jotting down workouts on a slip of paper, and logging them in once or twice per week. The important thing is to find a routine that works for you, and stick with it.

      Make your workout logging time a positive experience. If possible, choose a time that will not be rushed. Sit down with a favorite beverage. Be sure to practice positive self-talk: don't be too hard on yourself about missing a workout or cutting one short. Appreciate the time and energy you've chosen to invest in your health. Respect yourself, and applaud each completed workout as you log it.

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      Keep yourself motivated by reminding yourself of your goal once every week. Sit down in a quiet place and focus on the reasons why you started working out. Visualize yourself working relentlessly toward your fitness goals. Daydream about attaining your goals. Use the progress charts on your workout site to motivate yourself. If you don't stick with your schedule, the charts will show it. If you're still having trouble with motivation, set a reward for yourself. Find other motivation techniques on self-help sites. Motivation is key to meeting your workout goals.

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