How to Make 10 Different Paper Airplanes


A single sheet of paper takes on many different forms with just a few folds and creases. Create a fleet of 10 different paper airplanes to give away as party favors, add to a personal collection or fly until they're a heap of crumpled paper mess.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper, 8 ½ inches by 11 inches
  • Scissors


  • Fold the paper lengthwise, creating two long sections.

  • Fold down the right upper corner, making it meet the center fold and creating a right triangle with the fold. Fold down the left upper corner, again lining it up with the center fold. The paper now comes to a point and has two "flaps."

  • Fold the left vertical edge of the paper down to the center fold, creating a fold parallel to the center fold. Repeat this process with the right vertical edge, completing your basic paper plane.


  • Make a lengthwise fold.

  • Fold down, starting at about 2 inches from one side of the original fold, both of the top long, flat edges. Make your folds diagonal enough that they meet at a point at the opposite end of the paper.

  • Trim the flaps you just created with your scissors, so that the flaps meet in a triangle shape at the point you just made.


  • Fold your paper lengthwise, creating a straight, vertical fold in its center.

  • Fold down both upper corners until they meet at the center fold.

  • Fold the right side down, starting at the plane's point, creating a diagonal fold that spans the length of that side. Repeat for the other side.


  • Fold lengthwise down the center of your paper. Fold down the two corners, again creating flaps. Unfold the center fold.

  • Fold down the paper creating a horizontal fold just beneath the two flaps. You now have a squat rectangle.

  • Fold over the top two corners, making still two more flaps. Fold the bottom, horizontal edges of those flaps up to meet the diagonal angles at the top of the flaps. Fold them down again to meet the diagonal bottom angle you just created when folding up.

  • Fold the plane in half along that initial lengthwise crease, folding "down" so that you can use the wings you just folded.


  • Create another lengthwise fold.

  • Unfold your paper and place it in front of you vertically. Fold down the top 1/2 inch. Fold down the next 1/2 inch, and keep folding until you've folded down by 1/2-inch increments six times total.

  • Fold the upper right corner down until it meets the fold line running down the center. Repeat this step for the left upper corner.

  • Fold along the center line again, folding upward instead of downward. Starting about an inch from the pointed end, fold both flaps down in opposite directions along the diagonal side.


  • Fold your paper lengthwise and unfold. Fold over the top two corners until they meet at the crease line, creating those basic flaps.

  • Create a vertical fold halfway between each vertical edge and the center crease; these folds should be parallel to your center crease.

  • Fold over the upper right corner, creating a crease at the upper left corner. Unfold and fold over the upper left corner, this time making a crease at the upper right corner. Unfold. Fold over where these two creases you just made meet.


  • Make your lengthwise fold. Unfold to expose the center vertical crease. Fold down the upper two corners to make your flaps.

  • Fold down the pointed end of your plane so that its tip meets the bottom edge of the paper. Fold over the bottom right and left corners. You now have a triangle shape.

  • Fold vertically the left edge of your triangle about an inch from the edge. Repeat for the right side. Create similar, parallel folds an inch in from the center crease.


  • Create a center, vertical fold and then unfold. Fold down your basic, right triangle flaps.

  • Fold over the right edge so the corner meets at the center crease. Repeat with the left edge. Unfold all your folds except the right side's basic flap.

  • Fold over your upper left corner so that it hits about a third of the way down the angle on your right side flap. Line up both diagonal edges. Fold that left edge back over to the left side, aligning this fold with your center crease. Fold down that same left corner to meet the center crease again. Repeat with the other side.

  • Fold up along the center of your original vertical crease. Fold down your outer flaps to finish this plane.

Tips & Warnings

  • #9
  • Make a vertical fold, then unfold.
  • Starting 3 inches from the top left side of your paper, fold diagonally from the center crease. Repeat for the second fold on the top right side.
  • Fold up along the center crease. Fold down your flaps horizontally, parallel to the fold you just re-made.
  • #10: Custom Plane
  • Start with a vertical fold.
  • Create two flaps, either long diagonal flaps or right triangle flaps.
  • Play with your plane, creating additional flaps. Keep things symmetrical and you'll have your own custom, ready-to-fly paper plane.

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