How to Master Typing

Typing is a highly valuable skill both in school and in the professional world. Most students are required to learn typing skills at some point before they graduate from high school. Writing papers for high school and college can be a lot easier and quicker if you know how to type well. Learning how to master typing can also make you qualified for many different types of employment opportunities as well.


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      Place your fingers on the "home row" in order to maximize typing speed. The home row is the center row of the keyboard. Your left hand should cover the keys, A, S, D, and F, and your right hand should cover the keys J, K, L and P.

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      Develop touch typing technique. This is a technique that allows you to type without having to look where your fingers are moving. You develop touch typing by learning which fingers type which keys and practicing typing with the correct finger usage.

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      Sit with upright posture. Bend your elbows so that your arms are at a 90-degree angle in front of you. Keep your fingers, wrists and forearms aligned. Relax your muscles all over your body. Muscle tension and poor posture can reduce your ability to type quickly and accurately. Consistent tension and strain can even cause injuries.

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      Strike keys with a light force. Using a heavy force will slow your typing and strain your muscles.

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      Practice "air typing" by simply moving your fingers as you think of or listen to words, phrases and sentences. Typing without a keyboard reinforces letter placement and proper finger usage in your mind and in your muscle memory.

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      Minimize your distractions as you type. Noises and visual movements can interfere with your ability to concentrate, which will negatively affect your typing.

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