Cadillac Keyless Remote Programming Instructions

Keyless entry systems have been around since the early 1990s, and on cars like different Cadillac models, they are nearly standard at the dealership. Even if your car was not purchased with a keyless system, you can have it installed aftermarket. Once the transmitter is installed, you can program your own remotes in just minutes while sitting in the car's driver's seat. Programming will have your remotes ready to use right away.


    • 1

      Prepare all of the remotes that you would like to program and sit in your car with your key and your remotes.

    • 2

      Close all of the car's doors and put your key into the ignition. Press the "Unlock" tab on your driver's door, wait for the locks to click and hold the tab through the next step.

    • 3

      Turn you key in the ignition to "On" and then back to "Off" twice in quick succession and then release the "Unlock" tab within five seconds. At this point, the locks on the door will cycle, both locking and unlocking.

    • 4

      Hold down the two main lock and unlock buttons on your remote until the doors locks cycle again, and then release. Repeat this step with your other remotes and then turn the ignition to "On" once you are finished.

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