Troubleshooting a ProForm 520i Treadmill

Troubleshooting a ProForm 520i Treadmill thumbnail
Troubleshooting a ProForm 520i Treadmill

The ProForm Company makes a line of gym equipment for home use, including ab gliders, ellipticals, exercise bikes and treadmills. The ProForm 520i treadmill should only be used on a flat surface and plugged into a grounded electrical supply source. Never use a treadmill if the power cord is damaged or the treadmill is not working correctly and only allow adults to operate the treadmill. There are a few steps to troubleshoot a ProForm 520i treadmill to return the device to good working condition if problems arise.

Things You'll Need

  • Surge suppressor
  • Power supply
  • Console key
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      Plug the power cord into a surge suppressor, available at most hardware stores and home retail stores, and make sure the plug is fully connected to the treadmill and to a functioning power supply if the treadmill does not turn on. Check the circuit breaker on the base of the treadmill. If the switch is open, the circuit breaker has been tripped. Wait 5 minutes and press the switch in.

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      Take the key out of the console if the treadmill turns off during use. Reinsert the key into the console. If the power does not turn back on, unplug the power cord, wait five minutes and then plug it back in.

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      Wash hands before using the pulse sensor equipment on the treadmill. Wipe the pulse sensor with a clean, damp cloth and let dry. If your hands or the sensor are dirty, the pulse sensor will not function properly.

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      Insert the key into the console and press one of the incline buttons if the incline is not changing correctly or does not change as expected during ProForm CDs or videos. While the incline is changing on the treadmill, take the key out of the console. Wait a few seconds and reinsert the key into the console. This will recalibrate the incline on the treadmill.

Tips & Warnings

  • Contact an authorized service technician if the above steps do not remedy the problem.

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