How do I Kill Household Ants?

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Professional and household remedies can repel and kill ants invading your home.

There are many methods and options available when it comes to eradicating and preventing invasions by pesky ants. You may want to hire professional exterminators to seek and destroy ants, especially if they are the harmful carpenter variety. However, exterminators are a costly option, and often the treatment of household and foundation surfaces involves time and harsh chemicals. Store-bought ant traps and repellents are a less-expensive alternative, but they may pose dangers for homes with small children and pets. Several home remedies may prove helpful in repelling and killing invading ants in your home.


  1. Professional Methods

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      Research local exterminators in your area. Try to get feedback from people who have used a particular exterminator service to help you in making your decision.

    • 2

      Select exterminators with good customer feedback and inquire about getting a quote.

    • 3

      Choose the service that provides an acceptable quote and a guarantee for the services it renders.

    Store-bought Methods

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      Ask a store associate for assistance when purchasing sprays or traps. Describe the type of ant that is invading your home or provide a picture so that the associate can help find the proper product for the infestation.

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      Carefully follow all directions on the package of sprays for where and how to apply the product. Be extra careful when spraying areas that are inhabited by children and animals.

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      Follow all directions carefully when placing traps around the home. Make sure that small children or animals are unable to reach or come in contact with the traps.

    Home Remedies

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      Fill a spray bottle with water and add 10 to 15 drops of peppermint oil. Spray areas where ants are congregating and watch them scatter. Follow them to the places that they are entering the house and spray the opening generously.

    • 8

      Plant mint in areas around your yard and flower boxes to repel ants from coming close.

    • 9

      Fill a spray bottle with water and add dish soap. Spray this soapy mixture wherever the ants are getting in. Be careful not to spray the mixture in places that people walk, or they could slip.

    • 10

      Sprinkle black or cayenne pepper in places that have heavy ant activity.

    • 11

      Fill a spray bottle with equal amounts of common white vinegar and water and spray the places that the ants are getting in. Vinegar is nontoxic and safe to use with small children and animals present.

    • 12

      Sprinkle borax in places that are out of reach of children and animals where ants are getting in. The ants will think it is food and carry the borax back to the colony, which will consume the borax and die.

    • 13

      Caulk cracks in windowsills and doorways where ants can get in.

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