How to Write a Constitution for a Non-Profit Sporting Organization

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A non-profit sporting organization should be guided by a constitution.

To form a well-organized non-profit sporting association, it's helpful to create a constitution that will clarify and guide the goals of the group. The things you include in the constitution will be similar to the bylaws that a company's board of directors uses for guidance in making decisions and determining where and when they should be involved. The constitution for your sporting association will help you to define things like who is eligible for membership, how your association will be funded and how you'll settle disputes.


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      Select a name for your organization. This is often the first article of the constitution.

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      Establish a meeting place for your sporting organization. You might need to include two---one where you conduct business and another where you practice and play games. This can be included in the first article or as the second article.

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      State the purpose or mission of your organization. If your sporting organization is about people getting together and having fun while playing your sport of choice, write that down. If it's about becoming competitive in a certain league, include that. If its intent is to serve troubled youth by teaching them sporting skills, say so here. Your mission statement or statement of purpose is an article of the constitution by itself.

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      Write down the guidelines that will dictate membership eligibility requirements in the next article.

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      Include articles to explain how dues will be collected and used, how the organization's leadership will be structured and how disputes will be settled.

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      Describe how the funds the organization has collected will be dispensed if it should need to be dissolved. It's also a good idea to include an article that explains how the constitution may be amended.

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      Put the constitution to a vote by the founding members of your organization. Revise and vote again if needed until the document is approved.

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