How Do I Prune Gerbera Daisies?


Gerbera is a genus of perennial flowering plants often also known by species names such as Transvaal or Barberton daisy. Gerbera daisies are used as indoor plants, outdoor bedding and container plants and are also widely grown for the cut flower and florist markets. Gerbera plants are appreciated for their large, vibrant blooms and rich, green and highly textured foliage. They can be susceptible to disease and careful, frequent pruning can help to keep these concerns in check, according to the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Grooming will also keep the plants looking neat and tidy throughout the growing season in your particular setting and region.

Things You'll Need

  • Pruning shears
  • Sharp, clean household scissors
  • Deadhead all spent flowers once they fade and begin to wilt or droop. Sever the flower stem all the way down, just above the soil line, and discard the cutting or compost it. Never leave entire or partial stems in place as they will not regenerate and only decay in situ, inviting disease and pests.

  • Prune away any dead, diseased, discolored, cut, torn or otherwise compromised leaves on your gerbera plant throughout the growing season. Carefully trim just the problem leaf or leaves off low on the stalk just above the soil line and discard them.

  • Shear back the fading or dead plant tops in the fall or early spring to make way for new growth to emerge, prevent disease from setting in and to keep the planting area looking crisp and neat. Cut all of the dead material off just above the soil line and discard or compost it. In warm and temperate climes, not all the foliage will die back as in colder climes with more sever weather conditions, so selective pruning can be a year-round, light-maintenance task.

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