How to Share a Desktop With an Office Communicator

Microsoft Office Communicator is an instant messaging application designed for the business user. Office Communicator has many features that are included in consumer instant messaging applications such as AOL Instant Messenger and Windows Live Messenger (formerly MSN Messenger). Office Communicator fully integrates with other Microsoft Office products, and also provides users with desktop sharing capabilities. You can share a desktop in Office Communicator in a messaging window while conversing with another user.


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      Click "Start" and then click "Microsoft Office Communicator" to open the instant messaging application. Click the "Sign In" button and sign into the application with a valid e-mail address. The round status indicator icon in the Communicator interface will glow and a notification will appear when a successful connection to the Microsoft Exchange server is made.

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      Double-click on a contact in either the "All Contacts" or "Current Conversations" list in the Communicator window. A messaging window will open. Initiate a conversation with the contact and indicate to the other user that you will be sharing your desktop. (The recipient must accept the connection.)

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      Click the Sharing button on the top navigation bar of the message window. The Sharing button is the second button on the top bar and the button displays a hand holding a computer screen. The "Sharing" menu will appear.

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      Click "Share Desktop" from the Sharing menu. A highlighted boundary marker will appear around your desktop screen and a notification is sent to the recipient that you are requesting to share your desktop. Instruct the user to click the notification to accept the invitation. Your desktop will appear on the recipient's screen. Open applications and documents to demonstrate visualizations to the recipient.

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      Click the "X" in the top right corner of the sharing window to close the window and terminate the shared connection.

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