How to Restart VNC Servers on Ubuntu

Your desktop can be controlled from a remote client computer if you set up a VNC server on an Ubuntu system. Several different VNC host utilities exist. You will need to disable and then re-enable the utility that you're using.


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      Make sure you know what VNC host program you're using. GNOME-based versions of Ubuntu use the vino server by default. KDE-based versions ("Kubuntu") use krfb.

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      Restart your VNC server in a GNOME installation by clicking "System," "Preferences," then "Remote Desktop." Uncheck the box marked "Allow other users to view your desktop," close the window, re-open it and re-check the box.

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      Restart your VNC server in Kubuntu by right-clicking the krfb icon (an eye) in the System Tray and selecting "Quit." Click "Start Application," "Utilities" and "Desktop Sharing" to restart it.

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