How to Update Adobe Reader for Firefox

Adobe Acrobat Reader is the software needed to view document files with the PDF file extension. When Adobe Reader is installed on a computer, it automatically installs an add-on for the Firefox and Internet Explorer web browsers, enabling PDF files to be displayed when downloaded on the Internet. Because Adobe Reader is commonly used, PDF files are possible sources of potentially damaging malware when opened. While the Adobe Firefox add-on cannot be updated through Firefox itself, the updater utility for Adobe Reader will update the Firefox add-on.


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      Click the "Start" menu, then click Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click the "Help" pull-down menu in the top row of the Adobe Reader window and select "Check for Updates." If there is a newer version of Adobe Acrobat Reader or the Firefox add-on, the window will change to display the message "Update is available." Additionally, the window displays the benefits of the update, such as "This update addresses customer issues and security vulnerabilities."

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      Click the "Download" button to begin downloading the update. Adobe Acrobat Reader downloads the data required for the update, then prompts the user for a final confirmation before installing it.

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      Click the "Install" button to install the update. A progress bar displays the current status.

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      Click the "Restart Now" button to restart Windows after Adobe Acrobat Reader and the Firefox add-on are updated, or click the "Close" button to resume using the computer and restart later. Note that the computer must be restarted before you can use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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