How to Set an Image As Wallpaper

If you're tired of looking at the same background (wallpaper) on your PC's screen, you can easily change it with a few keystrokes. Many people do not know that any of the pictures they have stored on their computer can be used as wallpaper and can be changed as often as desired.


    • 1

      Click on the "Start" button (lower left) on your screen. Click on "My Pictures." This will bring up your folder of picture files.

    • 2

      Click on the picture that you have chosen to be your new wallpaper. Right-click and a menu will pop up, giving you several options. Click on the ootion that says, "Set as desktop background."

    • 3

      Exit from the screen by clicking on the upper right red "X" button. If you have tabs open, close them to see your new wallpaper.

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