How to Unlock All Characters on "Mortal Kombat: Deception" for PS2


“Mortal Kombat: Deception” for the PlayStation 2, the sixth game in the famed fighting franchise, features 12 hidden characters not available when you first start the game. Some characters are hidden within specific coffins in the “Krypt,” unlocked by acquiring the correct type and number of “koins.” Other characters are hidden within the game’s “Konquest” mode.

Acquiring Koins

  • “Mortal Kombat: Deception” features multiple types of koin to unlock content like costumes, sketches, music and even characters from the game’s Krypt section. Gain Koins by playing Konquest mode, winning fights, or playing the Chess Kombat and Puzzle Kombat mini-games.

Characters in the Krypt

  • The only two characters hidden in the Krypt are Jade and Noob-Smoke. To unlock Jade, open coffin “OI.” Jade’s coffin requires 2,417 jade koins to open. You’ll find Noob-Smoke hidden in coffin “DM,” which you can open for 3,642 onyx koins. Once unlocked, you’ll find your new characters among the others on the character select screen.

Understanding Konquest Locations

  • Unlike Jade and Noob-Smoke, all other characters are unlocked in Konquest mode. Most are hidden within chests in the mode’s various realms. Each realm’s map is divided into a grid with rows one through eight and columns A through H. The coordinates given for chest locations refer to specific grid squares. So a character in the Netherrealm B-4 square would be in the grid square where column B meets row 4. Some chests require you visit their location at a specific time. This goes by in-game time displayed on the screen, not real-world time.

Konquest Mode Chests

  • Find the character Havik in Chaosrealm. His chest is hidden inside a house in the H-4 section of the map. Visit Orderrealm square H-1 just after 4 AM to find a chest containing Hotaru. Kenshi’s chest is on square E-4 of the Earthrealm map. Unlock Kira by finding her chest on Earthrealm square H-2 between 7 and 9 PM. Li Mei’s chest is hidden inside a house in Outworld area F-7. Travel to Edenia square G-8 just after 12 AM on a Friday to find Liu Kang’s chest. Queen Sindel’s chest is in the Netherrealm square D-1 between 1 and 4 AM. Lastly, find Tanya in a chest between 7 and 9 PM in Outworld’s A-3 square.

Shujinko and Raiden

  • Konquest mode follows a new fighter to the “Mortal Kombat” franchise, Shujinko. Beating Konquest mode unlocks Shujinko for use in normal fights. All of Shujinko’s special moves, including his Fatalities and Hara Kiri, are hidden in Konquest mode chests, similar to hidden characters. You can only find these chests after completing Konquest mode. For a list of chest locations, see the Resources section. The only other character hidden in Konquest mode that isn’t in a chest is Raiden. Return to the Orderrealm after beating Konquest mode and find him in the E-3 square. Beat him in a fight to unlock him.

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