How to Speak With Dentures

Practice speaking with dentures to get used to them.
Practice speaking with dentures to get used to them. (Image: Prothese image by Andreas P. from

Whether a patient wears full or partial dentures, the adjustment period to new dentures can vary from person to person. Some people adjust easily to dentures and other people struggle with learning to eat and speak with new dentures. After receiving new dentures, practice speaking aloud frequently to learn how to minimize difficulties you may have. With practice and effort, you will soon be speaking easily and it should be difficult for others to detect that you wear dentures.

Things You'll Need

  • Book or magazine
  • Mirror

Select a book or magazine to read aloud. Reading verbally alone gives you practice and confidence for speaking in front of others.

Stand or sit in front of a mirror so you can watch yourself while you speak.

Close your mouth, bite down gently and swallow once.

Begin reading aloud while watching yourself in the mirror. Practice enunciating clearly, particularly words with “f” and “s” sounds (commonly difficult sounds for new denture wearers). Practice looking natural as you speak so it won't be obvious that you wear dentures.

Slow your speech down if you hear or feel a clicking from your dentures while you speak. Pause your speaking if you feel your dentures slip out of place. Bite your teeth down gently, swallow again to reposition the dentures and then resume speaking slowly.

Tips & Warnings

  • Your voice will sound more different to you than it will to others as you learn to speak with your dentures.
  • If your speech does not improve within one to two weeks with efforts practicing, contact your dentist for assistance.
  • Your lower dentures will be the most difficult to control while you speak. Learn to use the muscles in your lips and cheeks to hold your lower dentures in place while you speak.

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