How to Prepare for Bed Bug Treatment


Bed bugs can be found at almost any location, from dormitories to luxury hotels and even hospitals. If you travel or have visitors, bed bugs can easily hitch a ride into your home on items such as a suitcase or purse. Bed bugs dwell in your bed, closet, drawers and other dark crevices and sustain themselves by feeding nightly on your blood as you sleep. If you have an infestation, it is best to have it treated professionally as soon as possible. However, in order for your bed bug treatment to be a success, you will need to properly prepare.

Things You'll Need

  • Garbage bags
  • Clothes washing detergent
  • Plastic bin
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Remove all bedding from your bed and curtains from your windows. This includes sheets, mattress covers, pads, pillowcases and blankets. Put them inside of a garbage bag and tie using a double knot until you are able to wash them.

  • Empty your bedroom closet. Remove all items from the top of your night stand, dressers and any other furniture in bedrooms that are being treated. Empty the drawers of your dressers and night stand. Place all items inside of a garbage bag and knot it twice to close the bag securely.

  • Wash your linens and all articles of clothing with regular detergent in hot water that is 120 degrees. Dry the items using the hottest setting. If items are unable to be laundered, put them in the hot dryer and run it for approximately 20 minutes. Fold your clean items and place them in new garbage bags or a plastic bin with a lid. Do not put them back in the rooms that are being treated.

  • Move all items off the floor and take pictures, clocks, posters and other wall hangings down so that they can be inspected.

  • Take apart your bed frame. Vacuum your mattress and box spring. Run your vacuum cleaner over your carpet, including where you kept your bed. Vacuum behind dressers and inside of the closet. Empty your vacuum cleaner bag into a garbage bag. Double tie the bag and dispose of it immediately.

  • Remove all outlet plates and light switch plates. Take down wall-mounted lights.

  • Move all furniture so that it is 3 feet from the walls. This will ensure that the technicians who will be doing the bed bug removal have easy access to the area.

  • Remove all animals from your home. Take your pets to a location where they can stay for a minimum of four hours after your home has been treated.

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