How to Highlight Dark Hair at Home

Highlighting your hair at home can be a great way to save money that you would have spent at a salon. It is also fun to do at home, and you can personalize your hair exactly the way you want it done. Highlighting dark hair, even at home, can be easily accomplished.


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      Pick out your desired highlight color. Most grocery stores and large shopping chains carry quality highlighting kits for highlighting your hair at home. Professionals recommend choosing a color that is only two shades lighter for a natural and sun-kissed look.

      Darker hair can be trickier to highlight than already light hair because the lighter color, if too light, can contrast with the dark hair. This makes it important to know how dramatic you want the highlights to be. More dramatic highlights in dark hair have begun to become a popular and youthful look. For this look, pick a shade that is three or more shades lighter than your own. For a natural look, pick a shade that is two or less shades lighter. Also, check the expiration date on the package of the hair color before buying to ensure that the product is still good.

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      Do not shampoo your hair the day your plan to highlight it. This can interfere with the coloring chemicals and cause the color not to stick as well. You also may try using a clarifying shampoo on your hair two days in advance to coloring to help your hair be in tip-top shape for coloring.

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      Follow the mixing directions that come with the hair color carefully. Sometimes the directions can be confusing and takes careful reading to ensure the chemicals are mixed properly. Make sure to wear latex gloves while handling the chemicals because they can be damaging to your skin and difficult to wash off. Also be sure that once you mix the solution, you use it right away and do not let it sit out for any amount of time prior to using.

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      Using the highlighting brush that comes with the kit, carefully saturate strips of hair in the desired width. Decide if you would like many thin highlights throughout your hair or only a few large ones. It is best to start in the back and move your way forward to avoid brushing against the already done parts in the front to get to the back. You may also prefer to use flat acrylic brushes instead of the brush that comes in the box for more precise application and control. Make sure to saturate every strip of hair completely and apply only to the top layer of hair.

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      Leave the highlighting chemicals in for the recommended time that is stated in the directions and rinse your hair. Some kits contain a small conditioning packed to be applied to you hair after you completely rinse your hair of the dye. Simply lather your hair with the conditioner, like you would with any other conditioner, and rinse. These are important to use and should not be thrown away because they can increase the life of your color. In order to keep your newly highlighted hair vibrant, you may want to get a shampoo for highlighted and colored hair.

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