How to Escape the Cell on "Metal Gear Solid"


Metal Gear Solid is a game about choice: Whether you're analyzing the optimal strategy for navigating a bunker full of guards or pondering on the narrative's juxtaposition of freewill and predestination, MGS teaches players that there are more ways to get from “Point A” to “Point B” than a straight line. After his torture at the hands of Revolver Ocelot -- a scene in which the player chooses to submit or endure, affecting the game's ending -- Solid Snake finds himself a prisoner at the hands of his enemies. In true Metal Gear fashion, the way out of the cell involves a hearty helping of choice and subtlety.

Hamburger Helper

  • Use your codec to call Otacon. The eccentric engineer will come visit Snake at the cell door, dropping off a handful of items -- including ketchup and a Level-6 PAN Card -- in the process.

  • Equip the ketchup item. Just as the cell guard returns from his bathroom break, lie in the middle of the cell floor and use the item. Snake will break the ketchup bottle, spilling its contents around his body. This causes the guard to rush into the cell, presuming that Snake has committed suicide.

  • Wait until the guard has completely entered the cell, then knock him unconscious and make your way out of the cell door, which he has conveniently left ajar.

The Waiting Game

  • Call Otacon on your codec to receive the ketchup and Level-6 PAN Card items, among a few others items that you won't need for escaping the cell.

  • Crawl under the cot as the cell guard returns from the restroom. Wait for the guard to arrive at the cell door, where he'll check in on Snake.

  • Allow the guard to rush into the cell, under the impression that Snake has escaped. When the guard has entered the cell completely, rise from under the cot and knock him out. Exit through the now-open cell door.

Tips & Warnings

  • When he visits the cell, Otacon also gives you a hamburger and Sniper Wolf's handkerchief. You won't need either of these items to escape, but you will need the Level-6 PAN keycard once you're out of the cell.
  • After escaping, use the Level-6 PAN Card to exit the cell area, bringing you back to the room with the torture device. Grab your confiscated items from behind the machine and exit back to floor B1, where Snake had his first encounter with the DARPA Chief.
  • Though graphics and controls schemes vary, the process for escaping the cell in Metal Gear Solid remains the same across platforms, including the original PlayStation version and its re-releases, the PC port and the GameCube remake, Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes.

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