How to Check the Status of My State Photo ID in MN

Your Minnesota state photo ID is the form of identification that you are required to present to prove who you are. Minnesota law requires that you must have a valid ID. In order for your ID to be valid, it must be up-to-date and unexpired. Thanks to modern technology, the process to check the status of your state photo ID in MN is relatively simple.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • MN state photo ID number


    • 1

      Navigate to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety Driver and Vehicle Services Division website.

    • 2

      Click "Self Services" from the left-hand column of the Web page. Click "DL Status" from the next Web page.

    • 3

      Type your state photo ID number into the "DL Number" text box and click the "Get Record" button. The status of your state photo ID is displayed on the next Web page.

Tips & Warnings

  • Your state photo ID number is the same number as your driver license number.
  • If you do not have a driver's license, instruction permit, or state-issued I.D, you must show two other forms of identification. One should list your full legal name and full date of birth. If your name has changed since the issuance of these legal documents, you must present proof of a legal name change, such as a marriage certificate or court order.
  • If your state photo ID is expired or if you have changed your address or name, it is not valid and must be updated immediately in order for it to be legal.
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