How to Join the Territorial Army as an Officer

The Territorial Army is the British version of the Army Reserves. In contrast to the American Army, you can join without a university degree, but you still have to pass stringent guidelines with regards to your leadership ability and general aptitude for military service. The Territorial Army is a good military decision for people who want military service without giving up their civilian lives.


    • 1

      Earn at least 35 points in your seven best GCSE subjects. This is in high school, so you need to plan ahead.

    • 2

      Earn at least 180 points in your AS and A levels. Again, this is in high school.

    • 3

      Contact the Territorial Army through their website or by telephone.

    • 4

      Choose a local or national unit. The former is based on your geographical location while the latter is based on your specialty.

    • 5

      Attend an interview with a veteran officer, who will determine your readiness for service and whether you can join your chosen unit.

    • 6

      Take some basic tests to determine whether you can join the Army at all. These are basic aptitude and medical tests.

    • 7

      Take higher-level officer tests, which are substantially more difficult. These test your leadership and initiative to make sure you are prepared to serve as an officer.

    • 8

      Attend a 3-week training program at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, and begin your territorial service.

Tips & Warnings

  • Remember that the Territorial Army does get deployed into combat from time to time. If you are not prepared for this, then you should not join.
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