How to Wrap Black Hair at Night

Wrapping hair at night helps to maintain the hair during sleep. A wrap will help the hair hold moisture during sleep, not catch on the pillow and linens and break off during sleep, and help to maintain your hairstyle. It is popular to wrap hair with a silk, satin or net scarf. Before wrapping the hair, rub or spray conditioner or moisturizer on the hair and scalp. Two popular wrap patterns are a cross wrap, which is useful for longer hair, and the dry wrap, which is useful for all hair lengths.

Things You'll Need

  • Wrap or scarf
  • Hair pins or bobby pins
  • Brush
  • Comb
  1. Cross Wrap - For Longer Hair

    • 1

      Comb or brush the hair straight back.

    • 2

      Divide the hair vertically into two sections---half of the hair should be divided into a section on the left and half the hair should be parted to the right.

    • 3

      Pull the left section of hair to the right side. The hair will be forced on top of the right section of hair and up around to the forehead.

    • 4

      Keep the left section in place with a hair pin or bobby pin.

    • 5

      Repeat the process with the right section, but this time bring it up to the left around the circumference of the hair. Pin the end of the right section in place.

    • 6

      Tie a silk or satin scarf, or other wrap material, on top of the hair.

    Dry Wrap - For Shorter to Longer Hair

    • 1

      Brush hair straight down.

    • 2

      Create a small part, about two or three inches long, vertical to the front hairline on either the left or right side of the forehead. Begin brushing the hair along the circumference of the scalp. (If the part was created on the left side of the head, begin brushing hair toward the right and vice versa.) Rather than brush the hair back or up, the hair should be brushed along the forehead to the side. This will force the hair to settle along the circumference of the head.

    • 3

      Go around the scalp, brushing all hair along the circumference of the scalp. Add the rear hair into the pattern forcing it along the circumference and sweeping it in with the rest of the hair as you continue to brush from the rear of the scalp to the side, and back up to the front of the scalp. All hair should be forced around the scalp, no hair should be hanging down.

    • 4

      Tie the scarf or other wrap material around the head.

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