How to Clean a Nose Stud

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A nose piercing takes a long time to heal—UC Berkeley advises it can take up to 24 weeks. To prevent infection, clean the area and the stud daily during this time. You’ll also need to keep the area clean after that time too, of course, as well as clean the nose stud. During the first few weeks, do not remove the stud, if possible, because the hole will close up quickly. It’s possible, and best, to clean the stud without removing it from the nose. Later, when the area has healed, you can remove it to clean it separately.

Things You'll Need

  • Liquid antibacterial soap
  • Cotton balls
  • Bowl
  • Measuring spoon
  • Salt

Cleaning the Stud While the Piercing is Healing

Wash your hands, scrubbing them well—including under your fingernails—with antibacterial soap before touching your nose.

Moisten a cotton ball in warm water and wipe it around the outer part of the nose around the piercing. Place a drop of liquid antibacterial soap on the nose stud, as suggested by the Body Piercing website.

Wet another cotton ball in warm water. Rub this around the nose stud to create suds with the soap and loosen crusting around the pierced area.

Rotate the nose stud to allow the antibacterial soap to work down into the piercing (but do not remove the stud). Leave the area un-rinsed for two minutes, as advised by Body Piercing, and keep rotating the stud every few seconds.

Splash your nose stud with warm water to rinse off excess soap. Allow it to air-dry.

Cleaning the Stud Separately

Make a salt soak as instructed by UC Berkeley. Measure out 1/4 tsp. of salt (table salt or sea salt) into a bowl filled with 8 oz. warm water.

Place the nose stud in the bowl to soak. While it is soaking, wet a cotton ball in the solution and clean the piercing area of crust and debris.

Remove the stud from the soaking solution and place it back into your nose.

Tips & Warnings

  • Clean the pierced area and nose stud once or twice per day.

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