How Do I Boost the Reception of an Internet Wireless Signal?

As the use of the Internet continues to increase, there is a greater demand for faster wireless network connections. Although wireless Internet networking has improved, people still experience performance problems with their wireless network connections. For example, interference often hinders the performance of a wireless network connection. Fortunately, it is possible to improve the connection of your wireless network. Increasing the signal strength will allow you to connect to the Internet at greater speeds.


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      Move the wireless device closer to the main access point. The signal strength increases as you get closer to the main access point.

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      Avoid signal interference. Interference is caused by objects that transmit electromagnetic signals and obstructions. Therefore, interference is usually greater in closed areas. Move the wireless device to an open area where there are few obstructions.

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      Use an antenna to improve performance. There are two main types of Wi-Fi antennas: omnidirectional and directional antennas. Omnidirectional antennas pick up signals equally from all directions, and directional antennas pick signals from a single direction. Because directional antennas focus more on a specific direction, they improve the signal strength. Use an omnidirectional antenna if you have multiple access points close to you, and use a directional antenna if you are connecting to an access point(s) at a particular direction.

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      Use a Wi-Fi signal amplifier. Signal amplifiers increase the signal strength and performance of your wireless connection.

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      Switch to 802.11n Wi-Fi technology, which provides greater speeds and range than 802.11b and 802.11g.

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