How to Filter Proxy Servers

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Filter Proxy servers.

Proxy servers are Internet sites that allow web surfers to access restricted Web pages while remaining anonymous. The way a proxy server works is by getting around sluggish restrictions which are typically set by network administrators at educational institutions and corporate offices. There are a wide selection of proxy servers that can be found online, making it easy for users to bypass restrictions; however, there are also several programs online that can be utilized to prevent the Web restrictions from being bypassed. These programs are commonly used to filter proxy servers.


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      Work with the Websense Web Filter solutions software. By implementing such software, Web pages such as proxy servers are unavailable to Web users. The size of the network you are working with will determine which Websense program you will need.

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      Use the McAfee SmartFilter software. It gives network administrators the option to block Web pages by specific categories such as anonymous and private proxy servers, plus it includes a reporting feature that organizes the results by specific user or IP address. This program allows you to investigate and find proxy servers being used through the McAfee Web Reporter, and filter the proxy servers with the McAfee SmartFilter software.

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      Operate with the SmoothWall intelligent Web filtering program in your network. SmoothWall is a proxy server blocking program that you can operate as a hardware, software or virtual network appliance. SmoothWall also has the Guardian Web Filter, which helps you block proxy servers.

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      Set up proxy server filters with Baracuda Web Filter. This program allows you to filter proxy servers by domain, file type or content categories (i.e. proxy servers, proxy sites, anonymous proxies). Barracuda also allows you to define separate proxy server filtering policies and includes malware protection within its program.

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