How to Build a Pig Trap

Feral pigs are dangerous to approach.
Feral pigs are dangerous to approach. (Image: Wild boar with small one image by piotrmarkiewicz from

Feral pigs or hogs in the wild have been known to cause many problems. In addition to being very dangerous and mean, they ruin land and deplete food sources from other animals. Farmers with livestock as well as residential land owners have long sought a solution to the problem. Rather than killing the hogs, a more humane way is to build a trap in which to detain the animal. Once detained, animal control can come and remove them for a fee.

Things You'll Need

  • 1/4-inch steel rod, or 1-inch square tubing
  • 4-inch cattle panels (bull fencing)
  • Galvanized spring
  • Heavy duty hinges
  • Welding materials
  • Uprights


Use 8-inch-by-4-inch pieces of the cattle panels to make the long sides of the frame. Use 50-inch-by-12-inch uprights on each side and also one in the middle of each piece to provide additional support. Space the two sides 46 inches apart. Weld the 46-inch-by-4-inch front and back cross pieces in place. Put an upright in the middle of the back piece. Weld the top piece in place. It is not necessary to include a bottom unless you plan to transport the pig.

Make the door separate from the frame to be attached later. Cut a tall piece, 47 inches by 2 inches. Cut a main cross piece of 24 inches by 2 inches, and two interior cross pieces of 22 inches by 4 inches. Assemble the door so that the top and bottom pieces overlap two uprights. The door should fit in the frame leaving 1/2 inch clearance from the top and bottom. Evenly space and weld in the interior cross pieces. The result should be a 24-inch-by-49-inch door. Weld the door frame to the hinges.

Weld the frame with the hinges to one of the remaining uprights. Put the entire assembly inside the trap frame. The door should close against the side of the trap and strike the edge of the trap 12 inches before the front of the trap. Weld it in place. Add two uprights to form a door jam so that the pig cannot escape.

Attach the spring to the door and the front corner of the trap. Be sure it has enough tension to snap shut after the animal has entered.

Tips & Warnings

  • Do not attempt this project if you do not know how to weld. Always use caution when welding.

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