How To Feed Chickens Corn

Corn helps provide the chicken with energy and warmth during cold spells.
Corn helps provide the chicken with energy and warmth during cold spells. (Image: chicken image by Pity from

Feeding a chicken a well-balanced diet will result in a healthy bird which can be utilized for human consumption or egg production. Chickens require a variety of foods to provide ample nutrients and vitamins within their diet. Corn helps to produce energy and physical warmth in the chicken. Often the corn is in a pellet form that contains everything a chicken needs mixed in. Homemade mixed rations also can be fed which offer a more diverse diet that gives the chicken different textures and tastes to enjoy. No matter which diet the farmer chooses, corn will be its main ingredient.

Things You'll Need

  • Chicken feed
  • Chicken feeder
  • Chicken water dispenser
  • Grit in bowl

Feed your chicken a corn-based diet that is ideal for its stage in life. Chicks require a chick starter mixture, brooding chickens require a brooder mixture, and laying hens require a laying mixture. The feed is sold in bags, and it each kind contains corn. The diet is either in pellet form or bags of mixed whole or cracked foods.

Fill the chicken feeder in the morning. Allow the chickens to eat at will. Chickens enjoy eating small quantities throughout the day. In the late afternoon, replenish the feeder with additional food.

Provide ample, clean water daily for your chickens. Chickens require water to digest their corn feed.

Provide bowls of chicken grit daily. The chicken requires grit to grind up the corn, pellets and other grains in the feed. The chicken will eat a few bites of food and then move to the grit to pluck a few pebbles up.

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