How to Make a Dog Carrier for a Bicycle

A bicycle dog carrier lets your canine tag along during a bike ride.
A bicycle dog carrier lets your canine tag along during a bike ride. (Image: bicycle image by Brett Bouwer from

Your dog enjoys going places with you. A ride in the car or a walk down the street get’s Fifi’s tail wagging. Construct a homemade dog carrier for your bicycle so that she can journey with you along the bike path, as well. Pet safety is of the utmost concern when creating your carrier. By using a cargo rack and grocery baskets, she’ll be comfortable and safe as she experiences the sights, smells and sounds of a bike ride.

Things You'll Need

  • Bicycle
  • Metal cargo rack
  • Zip ties
  • Drill
  • 1-inch drill bit
  • Bolts
  • Washers
  • Screws
  • 2 Hand-held shopping baskets
  • Door hinge
  • Metal clasp
  • Towel or carpet

Attach the metal cargo rack to the bicycle. This will be the base for your pet carrier. Most racks simply screw down or hook onto the frame of the bicycle. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper installation guidelines. Make sure the cargo rack is tightly secured before continuing.

Remove the handles from the grocery shopping baskets by pulling the metal out from the holes on each side of the basket. If the handles are plastic, snap or break them off. Place one of the baskets down flat onto the cargo rack. Secure the bottom of the basket to the metal frame of the cargo rack, using zip ties.

Drill a 1-inch bit to make four holes in the bottom of the basket along the outside of the cargo rack. The holes should cover the four corners of the thickest part of the metal on the cargo rack. Ensure the drill penetrates through both the basket and rack. Place a bolt and washer in each of the holes. Tighten the bolts down with nuts.

Screw holes in the top left side of the basket to fasten a door hinge. Make sure the hinge is able to open outward, away from the basket. Place the other basket next to the door hinge, and screw the other end of the hinge into the top right side. This will allow the second basket to act as a lid for the attached basket. Place the second basket over the basket fastened to the cargo rack.

Drill a vertical hole in the far right side where the two baskets meet. Open the lid and place a layer of carpeting or towel material in the bottom basket to act as a cushion for your pet’s ride. Place the dog into the basket, and close the lid. Insert a large metal clasp into the hole to serve as a lock while the bicycle is in motion. This will prevent your pet from falling out of the basket.

Tips & Warnings

  • Remove the top basket by dislocating the bolts from the hinge. This allows for regular storage space for groceries if needed.
  • Do not be concerned if the top basket does not completely close due to the screws for the door hinge.
  • These baskets are not meant for pets exceeding 25 pounds. Larger dogs might be uncomfortable or damage the cargo rack or basket.

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