How to update an Android OS

How to update an Android OSthumbnail
Android devices get a notification of upgrades. (Photo: Image Courtesy of Google)

Android releases updates to its operating system on a regular basis to enhance functions, fix bugs and introduce new features. The specific process of updating your device varies by which device you own, but all use a similar approach. Once you've received notification that an upgrade is waiting for your device, back your system up to prevent any data loss due to the upgrade. And ensure your device's battery is fully charged, as these types of updates take time to complete and should not be interrupted.

Android device (Photo: Image Courtesy of Google)

Turn on your Android device.

Initial settings screen (Photo: Image Courtesy of Google)

Depending on your device and the version of Android running on it, find the device settings. The most typical method is to view all installed apps on your device and select the "Settings" icon.

Tap on "About Phone" (Photo: Image Courtesy of Google)

Select “About Phone” or the equivalent for your device.

Tap on “System Updates” (Photo: Image Courtesy of Google)

Tap on “Software Updates” or the equivalent to enable your device to automatically check for the update. If there’s no new software to be downloaded, you’ll see a message confirming you are fully updated.

No update found. (Photo: Image Courtesy of Google)

Press “Install Now” to upgrade. The update will download and your phone will restart.


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